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Drain Repair Services – Warning Signs of Drain Problems

A good drainage system plays a vital role in keeping your home hygienic which means it is also crucial for your health. This is why it is important for you to make sure your drains are in good condition by taking steps even before you start receiving warning signs they are not functioning properly. This can be done by hiring a professional plumber to clean the drainage system regularly. The issue, however, is that most people take action only when their drainage system is seriously damaged. This often leads to expensive drain repair services and replacement costs. Watch out for these signs of drain problems to prevent serious damages.

1. The sights

One of the most noticeable warning signs of drain problems is slow drainage. This often happens when there is an obstruction or when the septic tank is not filtering sewage fast enough. If the problem is localised to your shower or your toilet, it means the obstruction is at the level of a pipe connected to the specific appliance. But if there is a backup in all the drains, then the obstruction is likely to be in the sewer drain. You might need to call an emergency plumber if this happens.

2. Odd smells

If your drain emits an odd smell, it probably means there is something in the drain that has begun to rot. This also means that wastewater is not properly disposed of, leading to the emission of sewer gas through the sink. This is another sign you need drain repair services.

3. Strange sounds

Another warning sign that could indicate drain problems are strange sounds. Call a plumber if you are getting an unusual sound (usually gurgling noises) from your drains or pipes because it could indicate a blockage in the area. The sound arises when air trapped by the obstruction is released by the system.

To maintain a good drainage system in your home, you must start by having a professional clean it at least once a year and make sure you go for drain repair services if you detect any of the above signs so as to avoid more serious damage. Let FPRS Plumbing and Drains handle all your plumbing issues. Get in touch with us for more information.